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As Of April 16, 2018

Johnny W. Allem,President

Robert Coffey

Jewel Heldman

Maura McKnight

Ann Hyde

Theodore Proxmire

Susan Weinstein

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Aquila Foundation Leadership Council

Many in the Aquila Family have experienced a recovery journey and want to participate in advancing and mainstreaming addiction health. In response, we have created the LEADERSHIP COUNCIL as a year-round platform for supporting and funding meaningful initiatives in our field.

This team will help promote evidence and best practices in our clinic to be shared throughout the region – with public education, advocacy, and specific outreach that helps more people get help earlier in their illness.

This Council will focus on (a) supporting high school and college recovery support in our region, and (b) promoting screening for addiction risk and disease in all health entry points. Aquila is already a sponsor for Students In Recovery at George Washington University. And we support the work of the Alliance for Recovery Schools in Greater Washington.

The Leadership Council brings together donors who desire to support, advocate and honor these initiatives. For a $1,000 annual contribution, each member will receive:

Attendance at the Council’s fall educational reception and conference. This conference will feature visiting experts in the addiction health field as well as leading Aquila practitioners.

A quarterly newsletter on research and progress on our initiatives as well as news in general of the advancing science of addition health.

Two tickets to the annual Foundation Award Dinner and Recovery Celebration.

To join the LEADERSHIP COUNCIL, send a $1,000 contribution to Aquila Recovery Foundation, 5100 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Suite 307, Washington, DC 20016. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and this contribution is tax deductible. For further information, call Johnny Allem at 202-244-1600.

Leadership Council Members – As Of April 16, 2018 

RBC Wealth Management (Oliver Crandall)

Theodore Proxmire

David Chapin

Maura McKnight

Sally Baldwin and Desson Thomson

Mark and Karren Leas

Jack Schneider and Linda Scotti

Allison O’Brien

David Slan

Stanley Stein

Max Berry

Whang and Bernadette Phang

Omidyar Network Fund (Bob Keefe)

Mark and Deborah Udey

Melinda Munson

Institutional Members 

Ashley Treatment Center

The Refuge

Seabrook House

Confirmatrix Laboratories

George Washington University

Psychiatric Institute of Washington


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Aquila Recovery Foundation LLC is a designated by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization and contributions are tax deductible.