The Aquila Vision

Aquila Recovery Foundation supports education for primary healthcare and other professionals to engage people with alcohol and other drug problems earlier, assuring recovery paths of success and joy for many more individuals.

The Foundation also supports establishing safe and supportive circumstances for high school and college students in recovery. We support efforts for establish recovery high schools in the DC area, and collegiate recovery supports in colleges and universities.

Contributions to the Aquila Recovery Foundation also support scholarships and financial assistance to individuals with gaps in coverage.

Mainstreaming Addiction Health

The core vision and mission of the Aquila Recovery Foundation is to see and pursue the possibility of addiction being identified at first symptoms. The professionals who actually see these first symptoms are primary care health professionals – doctors, nurses and others who traditionally overlook addiction symptoms and too often purposely avoid recognizing these issues.

To “mainstream” addiction health is to see society view this malady at the same level of concern, care and practice that is devoted to cancer, hypertension or any other chronic illness.

Activities and Projects in Support of Mission

  • Produce an Annual Awards Dinner at the National Press Club honoring an individual who has excelled during that year in advocating for addiction recovery acceptance and practice. The dinner also features messages from Aquila clients, families and the community.
  • Sponsors an Annual Picnic for staff, clients and supporters in Rock Creek Part to celebrate the DC recovery community.
  • Exhibits each year at NBC4 Fitness and Health EXPO, featuring Aquila family members, alumni and supporters who administer SBIRT screening for addiction disease. Participants receive on-line training and certifications to perform the screening tool.
  • Funds treatment scholarships and other financial assistance to clients who have insurance shortfalls, transportation issues or other barriers to care.
  • Funds partial scholarships to candidates for counselor training.
  • Sponsors periodic specialized trainings for addiction professionals in the Greater Washington area, providing CEUs and increasing education about Aquila’s facilities and goals.
  • Provides financial and other supports for the DC Recovery Community Alliance, the region’s primary recovery organization who furnish peer services to the community as well as advocacy and celebratory events service all populations and neighborhoods.
  • Provides financial and other supports for the Association for Recovery Education in Greater Washington, a grass roots organization establishing recovery high schools in the region.
  • Sponsors accredited training for Peer-based Recovery Coaching, equipping members of the recovery community to engage in peer support activities across a wide range of opportunities in the region. The 46-hour training provides an IC&RC credential to each graduating individual.
  • Publishes a periodical newsletter on Aquila and other news related to recovery issues, local and national. Newsletter is published on the Foundation website.
  • Features a LEADERSHIP COUNCIL composed of regular Foundation contributors and dedicated to expanding the Foundation service. The council holds an educational reception each fall featuring experts in policy, science and practice in the field of addiction care.